Symphonic Winds / Band

The Symphonic Winds and Symphonic Band are the second and third performing ensembles within the Little Elm High School Band Department. Membership is determined through auditions twice a year. All band members go through an audition process at the end of the Spring semester, then again at the end of the Fall semester. Auditions focus on scales, etudes, sight-reading, as well as the tone quality and musicianship of the performer.

Both Symphonic ensembles perform frequently throughout the year, including the UIL Concert & Sight-reading Contest, as well as other events at the discretion of the director. Membership in one of the Symphonic ensembles requires frequent before-school and after-school practices and performances. All students enrolled in a Symphonic ensemble rehearse daily during a fifty minute class period. In addition to the rehearsal schedule, Symphonic Winds and Symphonic Band members meet once a week for sectionals/masterclasses.

The Symphonic Winds has been awarded numerous awards at various competitions, including UIL Concert & Sight-reading Contest. The focus of these two ensembles is to expose band members to quality music or music of high artistic merit. Music performed by students in a Symphonic ensemble is meant to increase the students reading ability, strengthen fundamental performance practices, develop good overall tonal and intonation concepts and develop a higher level of musicianship.

*Please see ‘Ensembles‘ for expectations and grading policy.