Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the third performing ensemble within the Little Elm High School Band Department. Membership is determined through auditions twice a year. All band members go through an audition process at the end of the Spring semester, then again at the end of the Fall semester. Auditions focus on scales, etudes, as well as the tone quality and musicianship of the performer.

Symphonic Band members will have the opportunity to perform a minimum of three concerts within the school year; Fall Concert, Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.  The Symphonic Band may also compete in a concert festival in the spring semester.  Membership in the Symphonic Band requires frequent before-school and after-school practices and performances. All students enrolled in Symphonic Band rehearse daily during a fifty minute class period.  In addition to the daily rehearsal schedule, Symphonic Band members meet once a week for sectionals/masterclasses.

The focus of this ensemble is to serve as a training band for students to gain a better fundamental knowledge of the skills needed to perform successfully at a high level.  Music performed by students in Symphonic Band is meant to increase the students reading ability, strengthen fundamental performance practices, develop good overall tonal and intonation concepts and develop a higher level of musicianship.

*Please see ‘Ensembles‘ for expectations and grading policy.