Below are the various ensembles to which LEHS Band students may perform with, depending on band placement:

Lobo Marching Band

Wind Ensemble

Symphonic Winds

Symphonic Band

Concert Band

Jazz Ensemble

Membership:  Membership in these ensembles is determined by the following various factors:  auditions (Fall & Spring), *academic and band grades (as they pertain to UIL participation), overall work ethic and participation from the previous semester/year.  Audition scores are based on scales, etudes, and sight-reading.  Directors will determine the material for auditions and post at least two weeks before auditions occur.

* Students in band are held to a high academic standard.  Part of the requirement for band placement is the ability to stay academically eligible throughout the school year.  Students who wish to be a part of the Wind Ensemble / Symphonic Winds (UIL ensembles), are required to maintain this eligibility.  Should a pattern of ineligibility become an issue, the student may not participate in these ensembles the following semester, pending their ability to demonstrate they can remain eligible for the semester.  During marching band season, these students will serve as alternates and be required to complete separate work to maintain their grade in band, in lieu of the performance requirements.

Requirements per ensemble:  Each director will set the requirements for their respective classes, depending on the ability level of the class and the objectives for the semester.  ALL band students are required to attend all rehearsals and performances of the ensembles in which they are involved.  Failure to attend a performance, without prior notice and/or approval, could result in the loss of performing with the group, a failing summative grade, and/or the possibility of being removed from the ensemble.  All LEHS Band students are also required to turn in recordings each week for a summative grade, determined by the director.  Daily participation will count toward a formative grade each week, as does the required sectional/masterclass.  The number of grades given per quarter will be determined by the director, following LEHS grading guidelines.

**Students performing with the LEHS Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds, the premier concert ensembles, are also strongly encouraged to audition annually for the All-Region Band and participate in the Spring Solo & Ensemble Contest.