Little Elm High School Band Booster Officers

Mac Sandoval, President
Dan Blackwood, Vice-President
Greg Necastro, Treasurer
Sabrina Zugermayr, Secretary
Jennifer Rice, Co-Treasurer
Roseanna Steen, Co-Secretary

Mark Frizzell, Social Director & Photographer
Tina Taylor & Jenny Brown, Charms
Edwin Hibbs, Communications & Webmaster
Debbie Turman, Concessions
Neil Hill, Concessions Co-Chair
Christi Pritts, Guard Liaisons
Lindsey Strawn, Chaperones & Volunteers
Charles Corrales, Classic on the Lake
Michael Whaley, Classic on the Lake Co-Chair
Edwin Hibbs, Classic on the Lake Co-Chair
Dalia Sandoval, Band Banquet
Kimberly Mills, Band Banquet Co-Chair
Bobbye Hill, Scholarships
Jordan Strawn, Spring Trip
Diedre Miller, Uniforms
Jennifer Frizzell, Uniforms Co-Chair
Michelle Gentry, Percussion Liaison
Jason Olson, Transportation
Mac Sandoval, Transportation Co-Chair
Jeff Jones, Lobo Cafe

For assistance from any of our Lobo Band Boosters, please send an email to

Little Elm High School Band Booster Bylaws (PROPOSED):

LEBB-Bylaws – Suggested amendments

Little Elm High School Band Booster Bylaws: By-Laws 20190809
Little Elm Band Boosters Budget Overview:  FY19 Approved Budget
Little Elm Band Boosters 2017-2018 Budget Summary